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Can a believer in Jesus backslide out of salvation? The quick answer is, no, and that is simply because the Father is not a failure and is faithful to finish the Work that He started in us (Philippians 1:6) and we are His workmanship (Ephesians 2:10) — but if you want to know in more depth I go over more about this in the post below. Once someone has been saved by God Himself, they are no longer IN sin but are IN Jesus who saved them and who overcame sin. So they can NOT sin out of a salvation that through the power of God, destroys sin in the first place… This post is about my response to a tweet thread that I found that asks a very commonly asked question in the Body of Christ: Can you lose your salvation when you have been saved (by the Hand/Work of God)? Can you backslide or sin your way out of salvation? Can I do some deep dark sin that can make me become unsaved? Where I believe that these types of questions may come from After thinking on it I believe these types of questions may come from someo

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